What is web design? How is it done? We made explanations for those who are curious about this topic. If you are interested in making a website, you should read our article. Focus on html lessons at first to learn how to design your website. Then learn graphic design programs. We have many questions about how to do web design and we try to answer these questions online from certain platforms and our own site as needed. There is a lot you need to know about web design, and it will not be right for us to provide you with all the details on this article, but at least let’s answer wondered very much and the questions that come up very often. First of all, you have to choose the theme and the programs you will use, and more importantly, you have to offer an appropriate design idea to the requested site.

You can get help from ready-made themes at this stage, but it will not be a very high quality work, so it is recommended that you prepare the design and infrastructure yourself. Of course, there are very high quality ready-made themes, but you need to get services from the right addresses and you need to do your research well.

It is important to note that the programs you use in your web design work are of great importance and Photoshop and Dreamweaver, which has been the choice of many webmasters for years, are among them. With the update of the versions, you can now analyze the programs in Turkish more easily and use them flawlessly. I don’t think you’re going to have problems and you can also get help from the training videos. In our idea office, by making a detailed examination and research and preparing the most appropriate designs regarding your requests and presenting to you, as well as if you wish want revise too.

How Is Web Design Done?

Instead of asking what is necessary for Web design, you can get support and request services by contacting us through our contact numbers. In addition to design work, we take action for the rise of your sites, and we take care to do better quality work with original content and Seo work. We think we are different because we have a team that has been doing this for a long time, and thanks to this team, things are done much easier, much more flawlessly. E-commerce platforms are one of our best topics, and often the design of such sites is very troublesome, so many designers reject your demands, but our team has improved itself and managed to offer you the best.


We see this office as a symbol of professionalism and we do everything to take a step ahead in web design works. It is true that we offer economic figures but that does not mean that our jobs are of poor quality! You can meet with our team who have been trained and have managed to add something to themselves in different areas through our contact numbers.It is not our habit to deliver a job in a short time because we want to prepare a more productive work by spreading it over time and offer it to you, so we would like to say that if you are patient and give us some time, much better work will come out and your expectations will be best met.

You can learn web design with video if you want.

In our previous topic we explained the programs required for web design at  https://www.esa.gen.tr/web-tasarim-icin-gerekli-programlar

What Is Web Design?

Today, there is still no satisfactory answer. The main reason for this is that our social awareness about web design has just started to settle. Although web design is a very technical issue, anyone who is at least engaged in a business and wants to meet target audience with their products together should have an optimum level of knowledge. Any entrepreneur who cannot realize how valuable a function web design is in today’s communication age and cannot develop his vision in this context is doomed to fall behind the universal conditions.

So what is this web design that everyone is talking about?Let’s try to pursue this problem a little bit. In its shortest form, Web design is the complete selection of an Internet medium about a particular layout, color, text style, photo, content or graphics.

Web site design, which is a whole digital file, is now seen as a branch of art. Because a competent web master in the business for a highly successful website, can make the immediate difference.Different web designers can create different touches, different styles and results for the same project. Here we can say that the web designer or the companies providing services for that matter is the main determinant.

Each web design is specific and unique, despite its similarities. Of course there are certain patterns, but even simple preferences such as fonts, colors, graphics can completely change the face of the site.The web designer guides its touches to this extent, whichever industry’s website is designed here. Web design today can be delivered in a day, quickly, or can last for days. A good website usually requires a lot of effort and time. On the other hand, the high cost for such a website is inevitable.

Website Design

First of all, the project stage is very important in web site designs. At this stage, theoretical analyses are made and even competitors are examined in detail. Then the most appropriate graphic design preferences, HTML, CMS, and test stages await the designers. Some companies attach great importance to web site designs. They never neglect the maintenance and update of their site.On the other hand, they overemphasize on web design because of its impact on their own image.These types of companies are conscious about the answers to all these questions; What is web design? What does it do? What are the consequences?. Today, a quality web site design is seen as an investment in the future. Costs are relatively cheaper if ready themes are purchased in Web designs.

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