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  • Documentation studies
  • Unlimited Category studies
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Manufacturer
  • Theme Templates
  • Multiple Language options
  • Multiple Currency options
  • Product Reviews and complaints
  • Product Rating
  • Downloadable Products
  • Automatic Image Resizing
  • Store Control Panel

Thanks to the control panel, you can perform the product controls in the best way and you can make your preferences more easily by inspecting all the products in and out of the store through a single panel.

E-commerce Site Features

E-Commerce Site price

Shopping cart

There are two different sections in the shopping cart category. One of them is the small section, which means that your customers can control their baskets and make product extraction when necessary, and the other section is a specially prepared panel for you.

My Account section

It serves as a panel that enables your customers to move around the site more easily and access their personal information through the panel at any time. After entering the user name and password, it is possible to access this panel.

Ability to add unlimited categories

Thanks to the program you can make the process of adding categories in different ways. If you wish, you can offer alternatives to your customers with the Home Page button and you can attract attention by making product placement to this section.

Ability to add unlimited subcategories

For easier access under the main categories, you can also add subcategories, allowing your customers to access even more products through a single category.

Ability to add unlimited products

It is a special panel that helps you place your products in the desired category and gives you the opportunity to increase the number as you wish. Regardless of the number of products, this panel allows you to easily add and remove operations.

Ability to add unlimited product range

On e-commerce sites, some companies come across people with a large number of products and categories, but the panel may not allow them, and some popular products may fall behind. Thanks to the service we offer you, you can add unlimited products and provide more perfect service.

Ability to define an unlimited number of related products

It is a panel prepared for you to promote on the product pages and thanks to this panel, you can do link work on different pages much more easily.

Large and small picture support for categories, subcategories, products and product types (Different images can be uploaded for products)

You can add pictures and make decorations with photos in order to bring visuality to the foreground for the products or categories you have included in your site. It is a special panel that offers you the necessary installation service and it is a panel that allows you to add as many visuals as you want.

Product price list

If you have difficulty in updating the price, this panel will help you in the best way. You can easily access the price list of all the products in your store through this panel and make the necessary arrangements in the best way.

Product rating module

A panel that presents a graphical display. Your members can rate the products they are satisfied with 5 stars and this rating is reflected on your site graphically. Thanks to the rating module you can see which product is more popular and attracts more attention or not.

Product comment module

Your customers may want to comment and opine on the products purchased, in which case the comment module comes into play and gives your customers a special space to comment.

Top products

It is the system that presents the best selling products of your store in the form of a table and a graphic. It is the system that will present you the complete ordered list of the products in seconds within the database.

The most Recently visited products

Together with the most recently visited products, people who visited the site to look at the latest products are presented to you as a list.

Your customers may not always visit your stores with the intention of shopping. They can also visit your site to browse or get information about the site and products.At this stage, the most visited products module helps you and offers you which products your customers browse more.

Latest products

It is a system specially designed for you and them to offer the new products in the store to your customers.By logging in to the panel, you can add as many products as you wish and promote your products in the best way to your customers.

Product and Site recommendation module

It is the system offered on behalf of your customers to send e-mail to their friends in the form of a link of the product they like.It is also possible to attract more people to your site by referencing it together with the advice module, and it is your customers who will provide it.

Discounted products

You can list discounted products by logging in to the panel and send a notification to your customers in the form of discount products. This panel is a very useful system because people will show much more interest in discounted products.

Stock tracking (ability to determine stock status warnings and warning quantities)

It is a panel that presents the phraseā€¯ out of stock ” to your customers. In order to make a broader statement, the store owner can clearly see the products that are out of stock or are declining through the panel and can get help from this panel in case of ordering, in addition, owner can present the run short of products to the customers with the statement that out of stock and can inform them.

Online order tracking: It is the admin panel where online orders are followed.

Online shipment / delivery tracking

It is a perfect panel where you can check whether the orders of your customers have reached their addresses.

Show/Not show product on site

Instead of showing the product that you have not received yet, which will soon be included in your store, you can also hide it and show it when it is included in the stock, so show /not show feature is provided for you.

Ability to determine the products to be displayed on the home page from the admin panel

Popular products are often on the home page and are also the right move to attract customers. You can lead your popular products directly to the home page thanks to this panel which offers privileges such as which products will be placed on the main page and which products will be included in the sub-categories.

Add product features

It is a system that comes across as a admin panel and you can edit and list product features at any time.

Ability to define different product codes for each product

By doing a different code work on each product, you can keep the inputs and outputs under control and you can browse the stocks more clearly when you order new products. We can say that it’s a special system that prevents confusion.

To be able to define different VAT rates

We can see changes in VAT rates for different products and this panel offers you VAT determination and regulation privileges.

WYSIWYG HTML editor for data entry pages

You can make the previously entered information bold, Italic through this panel, and make the necessary edits more easily, even without your knowledge of the code.

Information system by e-mail for customer, site managers and cargo company

Thanks to the confirmation e-mail system, your customers can receive mail from your company or cargo if they wish, and if the product is delivered to the cargo, mail is sent quickly to the given address.

Multi-user support in different ranks

You can buy a lot of admin or mods. You can identify the people who can access the panels and make product editing work through the panel.

Different sorting options for products

You can offer rankings such as Price, name, date of addition to your customers in the form of listing.

Offline payment facility (Cash payment at delivery)

It is a panel where you can offer additional payment options to your customers, who you think are trustworthy, along with the controls you will make from the admin panel.

Announcement service module

It is a system in which customers who want to receive news from your store and get information about the campaigns will be notified via e-mail. Each time you enter an announcement, the required information is sent to your customers by e-mail.

Dynamic contact form

With the information you will provide, your customers can email to these addresses and reach you more easily.

Along with categories such as subject, issue, question, your customers can contact you by selecting one of these options.

Customer-specific discount

You can make as many discounts to any customer as you like. Suppose that you have customers who have been shopping with you for a long time and you want to offer them convenience, so the panel offers you this privilege and you can send the required discount here to the profile.

Product and product range search module for admin pages

It is one of the modules offered to you in order to reach the product you want with a search in the form of product name, code, category. With the search module, it becomes much easier to reach products and your customers can get more seamless service.

Visitor pages category, product and product type search module

With the product type search module you can find the products you are looking for with a simple keyword in seconds. However, it is also possible to reach the products by choosing different search preferences.

Quick order feature

It is the module that allows the purchase of products only with the product code input.The code entry is sufficient with the quick order and the product is added directly to the cart and a confirmation form appears.

Dynamic announcement module

It is the module that allows you to announce announcements,news and campaigns in a short time and to edit them from the html section.

News Module

It is a dynamic news module and you can add news to certain sections of your site and stream it if you wish.

Integrated cargo cost (based on product weight or sales price) calculation module

It is a special module where they can calculate the cargo cost according to the quantity and size of the product.

Ability to define multiple currencies (TL, Euro, Dollar.)

If you want to increase currency options in your stores, you can do so with this module.Let’s say that the dollar is one of these currencies and when your customers want to buy products, they want to see the Turkish lira as the equivalent of the dollar. So at this stage the panel helps them and shows them how much they should pay by doing the translation process in a short time.

Online Advertising (Banner) System

It is the panel that offers you advertising works which you can edit as Flash, gif, jpeg and add to your site. With the selection of banners, you can make a work in the form of advertising in this area by adjusting the size and image and you can evaluate the future offers to your site.Different alternatives are available and help you to adjust the dimensions.

Virtual POS setup

If your virtual pos application has been approved by the bank, we do this setup for you and offer your customers a different payment option. As you all know, with virtual pos, people can shop online and without credit cards. There are too many sites that prefer this system and you can be one of them and you can offer convenience to your customers. With the approval of the bank, installation and panel work is made easier.

Order Tracking Section

It is a panel work that provides detailed information such as the date of the order, who the order was given, how the payment was made, and at what address the order is currently at. Thanks to this panel, which is used as an executive panel and serves as an enormous tracking system, you can also give more detailed information to your customers and prevent potential problems with cargo.

Flexible showcase structure

This is the panel where you can make best use of the site’s home page colors and category formatting. With this panel, you can also include more alternative visuals in the categories section, or you can come across people with a more stylish design.

Product comparison section

Your customers may want to compare the products they are going to buy, and with the product comparison section which offered for this comparison allows two or more product specifications and price comparisons,so that your customers are free from a big ambivalence about the product choice.

Product Pictures

It is the panel that will help you automatically adjust the size and move it to the same size as other images. This panel is very important for visuals and product promotions. We can say that it is useful and it presents scaling works easily to you that reveals the difference of the panel in the best way.

Product Search Section

People may want to search through certain criteria such as Brand, Product Name, Price, and for this reason,help can be obtained from the panel by entering certain information. If your customers press the search button by making their choices,the products contained in those criteria will appear as a list. Thanks to the product search section, you can reach the product you want much more easily and you can make your preferences much easier.

Payment information

It is one of the simple modules showing the payment information along with the credit card of the banks.

The comment section

Your customers can comment on the products they buy, and this section contains your customers ‘ comments. It is a very necessary area to give people an idea, and we think that many customers will want to look at this section before buying products.

Fully Google Compatible Structure

With the support of Google-friendly url, you can also move your sites to the first pages and this structure provides you with an opportunity. With links that compatible with Google, your site will become more valuable and gain more hits.

Social Media

It is the module that enables the products you share through the panel to be included on your pages by connecting with social media. Instead of spending extra time for social media studies, you can connect your accounts to complete your work in a shorter time and continue sharing in media such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger.

Google Translate

It will help you with translations into languages such as English, French and Russian. Along with the automatic translations, other users also will be able to get the best service from your site.

Information Pages

By opening information pages, you can enable your customers to reach those who are curious about the site and transfer them in line with up-to-date information.

Backup & Restore

One of the biggest problems of website owners is to take backups, but this module keeps you away from problems and allows you to take a backup of your site with a single click.

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