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Examples and prices for those who need logo design. We design your logo for corporate identity in Ankara. If you look at the sample logos we have designed for our company and auto gallery company, you can see the similarities between them. We use 2 colors in the logos that we design and make them beautiful. We choose an image about the company and make it memorable. For example, we used a face in the web design logo and completed it as a motto “Your Digital Face in the Internet World” .In the car gallery logo, we drew a half car image and told that it was a company related to cars when we first looked at the logo. On the left side of the article, i and o letters fit into the same square and made the company icon.

Logo Samples

You can examine the logo examples on this page and you can see how good we are in this business. We are careful not to get ahead of your corporations in logo works because the brand is the main target to be introduced at this stage and the fact that the logo is too attractive will push the brand to the background. We think that we have achieved our aim with a more intimate and more elegant design and we also present the design that will meet your expectations with the revised works. There are many companies doing this job with economic figures, but when we look at the quality of the work and the logo designs, we can see clearly that there are not pretty works. (more…)

Best Web Design Companies in Ankara

Web Design Companies Ankara

The best Ankara web design firms are located here. If you are looking for a professional web design company, you will find us. Web design companies continue to take their place in the Internet world and it is worth mentioning that there are many companies.In all areas where the competitive environment is increasing , the quality increases at the same rate and the numbers decrease.In fact, this situation is useful for users, i.e. people who will receive services, but there are very few companies that can survive in this competitive environment. People want to buy quality and spend a lot of money in order to move one step ahead in the online world, and if you fail to do so, your references will weaken and after a while you’ll start to disappear from the industry.

We’re not ready to take that risk, and we’ve never taken it.We stand by the work we do and strive to please you in the best way.We have taken part in long-term studies with our acquainted and experienced team on web design and we have included many corporate companies in our work too.

Best Web Design Companies in Ankara

In addition to web design, we also offer you additional services and do what other companies do not.We are very good at communication as well as professionalism and know how to talk to our customers.This is very important to us because people cannot convey their wishes and expectations clearly, but together with our professional team we listen to you and value your ideas.

You can also take a look at our references on the site to learn more about this team, which also contributes to the development of your sites and at least get to know us better, and to see what we do for whom. (more…)


How Is Web Design Done?

What is web design? How is it done? We made explanations for those who are curious about this topic. If you are interested in making a website, you should read our article. Focus on html lessons at first to learn how to design your website. Then learn graphic design programs. We have many questions about how to do web design and we try to answer these questions online from certain platforms and our own site as needed. There is a lot you need to know about web design, and it will not be right for us to provide you with all the details on this article, but at least let’s answer wondered very much and the questions that come up very often. First of all, you have to choose the theme and the programs you will use, and more importantly, you have to offer an appropriate design idea to the requested site.

You can get help from ready-made themes at this stage, but it will not be a very high quality work, so it is recommended that you prepare the design and infrastructure yourself. Of course, there are very high quality ready-made themes, but you need to get services from the right addresses and you need to do your research well.

It is important to note that the programs you use in your web design work are of great importance and Photoshop and Dreamweaver, which has been the choice of many webmasters for years, are among them. With the update of the versions, you can now analyze the programs in Turkish more easily and use them flawlessly. I don’t think you’re going to have problems and you can also get help from the training videos. In our idea office, by making a detailed examination and research and preparing the most appropriate designs regarding your requests and presenting to you, as well as if you wish want revise too. (more…)