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What is SEO? – Search Engine Optimization

As you all know, we work word-oriented while doing major searches on the internet, and at this stage we come across the concept of SEO. SEO, which we can define as the concept of awareness on the internet, is just one of the works that are made to be ranked higher in searches and to increase awareness, and if you wish, let us try to give you information about this subject together with details.

Is An SEO Expert Necessary?

If you have a goal to take part in the internet world with a more known identity and reach more people in a short time, you can easily reach this goal with SEO studies. By doing the right work on the right words, you can protect your first place in Google searches and make people find you more easily.

SEO ile daima yukarıya

SEO Consulting

It is the name given to those who work in algorithm analysis and SEO analysis studies. It should be noted that there are companies that provide corporate services as well as those who do this job individually. It is also possible to reach online these names or organizations that carry you to the top on the research and work word based.

Search engine optimization studies are carried out by searching the answers to questions such as “If I worked as Google or served like this, I would be searched in what words, or how people would find me more easily, and how to list myself” and the people who do this work are called consultants.

We continue to think as a search engine and continue our way by searching the answer to the question of how we can line up the sites we have. As we help individual accounts, we serve and try to help corporate companies at this stage.

In order to become a consultant, you need to take part in the practical studies as well as the basic education of this business. Today ,many people who serve on the internet say they are optimizers, but this job requires experience and professionalism.

SEO Prices

Let’s take a look at what we pay attention to the the fees set in accordance with the main criteria:

  1. Whether there is a site currently serving
  2. The suitability for the design and coding works
  3. Whether a new website work is needed
  4. Additional page work
  5. Keyword studies
  6. Competition rates and density of other sites in the industry

Sometimes, we can move your sites to the first page and to the top with a one-day work plan, but at certain periods, there may be disruptions due to the mobility in Google. Due to the disruptions experienced depending on the competitive environment, the period can be extended. At this stage, we expect our customers’ understanding.

Will you get your money’s worth?

If you act with a professional team, there is no such thing as not getting results and we would like to point out that we are believe in ourselves exceedingly in this regard. Thanks to our qualified staff who will carry you to the top position in any word you wish, you will now be able to appeal to people more easily and become popular in Google searches. Finding the right team is very important in this industry because, as we mentioned at the beginning of our article, there are too many people doing SEO work and doing it in a way that will destroy the market, but when you look at the service offered, you can see that your money is going to waste. As a company and a team, we offer you the guarantee that you will get the best value for your money and we strive to do our best. eSa Web Design Always With You

How Long Will SEO Take Effect?

No one, including Google, can guarantee you move up to the top!Look, this point is very important because there are so many SEOs who guarantee this and state that they will provide service in a short time, but this is not possible! It appears for a period of 2 to 3 weeks, but it can take 3-5 months from time to time. Because of the competition area, the words, the intensity and the fluctuations, we say as a team that we will do our best instead of guaranteeing,  and we would like to point out that we have never had problems with any of our customers so far.

We know very well that we will achieve real results over time, but people are generally impatient and want to get results a week later. Look, you can’t decide it because there is a giant like Google in front of you and it pays attention to include higher quality sites by examining the works. A little bit of dedication and patience we want from you at this stage!

The domain address you get will be a classic address and people who know you will search in this way, but the important point here is that different people can easily reach you and also find it in different wordsin searches. We strive for this and want time for them to reach your company in more detailed words in less time. Of course, a professional working process takes a long time, but do not doubt the efficiency you will get!