Web Design Services

The Web sites which created gladly, we are present proudly by blending with proper prices.

Corporate Web Design

We seriously design the website you need for your company and reflect you in the best way in the Online World.

E-commerce Web Design

Thanks to the package of e-commerce sites that we have prepared for those who want to sell their products over the Internet, you can easily advertise on Google and get ahead of your competitors.

Ready Website

We offer web design solutions that you can have in a short time on ready-made websites where you can study the front view in detail. Moreover, all of our ready sites have a responsive design.

Logo Design

We make the most appropriate logo for your company. If you need a memorable, effective and creative logo for your corporate identity, you are at the right address.

Social Media Consultancy

We offer affordable solutions for Instagram, Facebook and Google ads. We prepare banners for social media accounts, and prepare pictures and videos for stories.

Corporate Identity

We design and print your catalogs, business cards, brochures and promotional products that are necessary for your company. We offer impressive designs to help you become more familiar with your surroundings.

Even the cheapest website you have created to us is investing in the future. The one-page websites that we have started as a fully developable infrastructure give direction to your future with high quality performance. So the site is done with high speed, user responsive and with completely search engine optimization (SEO).

For example, after creating your one-page website, you want it to be a subpage too. Or you wanted to turn your site into a blog. If you wish we can even make this website an E-commerce site. Because we put the first page as the first part of the puzzle. After realizing the importance of today’s Internet sites, our customers are beginning to see us as an investment and want to improve their sites more. Start the right investment for your business by having website with our website design company in Ankara.

Frequently Asked Questions

The growth of the Internet World and the fact that the Internet is in our pocket shows that how important websites are. The fact that we represent our company, the products that we produce, or the services that we offer on our website is actually the first meeting with our customers. Most users first get the idea of the product or service they need by searching the Internet.

Our aim is to establish a connection between you and your customers by providing Web Design Service in Ankara. That is why our motto is “Your Digital Face in the Internet World ”.

Your company may be offering services, not products. You may need an e-commerce site for the services you offer. However, it is of course your right to know the differences between them.

On a corporate website, we can only provide a presentation of your services, products, or news about your company.

But on the e-commerce site, we can provide for our customers to shop by making online marketing of  services you provide.

If you wish, we can combine these two features and we can offer two services together on a single site  by opening your store in corporate web design.

We can call it the name we give to websites whose design is prepared by us and whose template and front appearance can be examined. We make the needed website ready in advance and offer it for sale at an affordable price. In this way, we enable you to have a fast website by saving both time and money.

Ready-made web designs are created  by changing  only text and images.  This will make your website ready within 1 week at the latest.

We do all the websites by using WordPress, unless an extra request is offered. Firstly, for those who are looking for an answer to the question “ What is WordPress?”, we can briefly define: Open source (improveable), written in PHP coding language, admin-paneled software.

The main reason for our choice is to ensure that you don’t pay more for the software and to provide the web design you need in the highest quality. WordPress has many free plug-ins for you. This allows you to have many features from the admin panel at no extra cost.

You can satisfy your needs from free blogs or pages that give you free site building service that offer a drag-and-drop system. However, “If you buy cheaply,you pay dearly ” should keep in mind. Companies that offer free services usually continue on their way by making money on you. On the free website offered, other companies about you may have ads, causing you to lose customers instead of winning customers. And you’re dependent on domain names on this free service.

SEO is the name given to the optimization of your existing website in the way that search engines want. When optimization is fully done, your website ranks first in the Google search engine and others. This allows your business to grow dramatically. SEO: internal SEO and external SEO are divided into two.

In internal optimization: The code hierarchy and visual hierarchy are done the way Google and other search engines want it to. Title, description, H tags, bold writing, italic writing, font length and link configuration are arranged.

In external optimization: There are links and text bridges from other sites to your web site. While this was very important in ancient times, it takes different forms with the change of Google algorithms. Previously,when you bridged the keyword between your website, you could easily get up. However, along with the latest algorithms, search engines keep the user-oriented websites ahead.

It is very important for search engines and users. Responsive design: It is the name of your website to display images compatible with all devices (computer, tablet and phone).

Users who enter a non-responsive website may have to enlarge the site or move left and right to see most of the content. This makes it difficult for most people to navigate the site.

Anyone with a computer, tablet and phone definitely uses social media. Our job is to promote your company to people who have social media accounts on websites like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and are interested in what you do.

Imagine that you are planning to open a store. Do you prefer a shop on the street or a shop on the alley?We all know the answer. And that’s exactly with social media consultancy  we’re taking your site in the alley to the most luxurious street .

Our web design company, which avoids unfair profits, offers you the highest quality web design at the most affordable price. Our prices, including VAT, start from ₺ 400  and can vast according to the desired codevalue and structure. For those who want to make quality web design, the minimum figure starts from ₺ 750.

The lowest price for the companies that want to make sales is ₺ 2.000 and again varies according to the desired specifications.

What distinguishes us from other companies is that we adopt your business as our own and offer solutions accordingly. Maybe you need a website to grow your business, maybe a consultant. We can determine your needs for you and take the first step together. Our goal is not only to make money, but our goal is to grow with our customers.

As eSa Web Design, we embrace your business, create a list of your needs by doing research, plan what needs to be done and present it to you.

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